me and my new glasses

me and my new glasses
looking cool

Monday, January 5, 2009

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

not posted in a long time


weve not posted in along time a lot has been happening,well first of all thats Andrew now in primary 2 and he is loving it hes coming on so well with his indapendence hes now feeding himself using both fork and spoon and can feed himself from yoghurt tubs,also on the 21st November Andrew started walking officially unaided it was amazing to see i cried for days after,he was doing so well untill he fell at his out of school club and burst his nose open,he is now away back to the beginning to scared to walk along in case he falls again he will hopefully get their he just needs to build his confidence back up.

Andrew has also been having a few seizure which had lead to him being put on Epilim as well as the Keppra,Andrew continued to fit so his Epilim was uped to 7.5ml morning and night and his Keppra 2.5ml morning and night,Andrew fits are getting worse,the drs at the hospital are not to sure why this continues to happen,but hopefully we will get to the bottom of it soon untill then Andrew has to have colobzam if he has 2 or more drop seizures a day,if Andrew is to fall into a seizure we have now to administer 0.8ml of Epistatus,as before he was on 0.4ml but it wasnt working and Andrew contunied to fit even when we arrived at the hospital,but we will see what happens here weve not had to use 0.8ml yet so were hoping we wont need to and that all the meds hes on will help.

Andrew been off school the last few weeks as hes had the cold,but with Andrew immune system beng so weak hes had it for longer than usual hes also being sick alot which we cant explain,he did go back to school but was only their a few days and was sent him ill again so hes been off the last week or so,spending time with mummy and getting upto mischive,hes getting better and should hopefully ba back at school tomorrow but their is only 2 days left before they finish for christmas,so ill see in the morning how i feel abput sending him to keen incase he gets ill again and is ill through christmas.

Well thast all for now hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year.


Catrina,Nick,Angel Andrew and Darren

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Findin out i have Angelman Syndrome

I have reposted this hope ypu all dont mind xxxx

This post is by my mummy

When i was pregnant with Andrew i went for my first scan at 16 wks and had blood tests done 3 days later the hospital call me telling me to come in urgently they had my results back as i was ill i asked for the results over the phone thats when i was told my baby was 1 in 54% chance of being born with Down Syndrome,i was only 17 at the time so the result should have be 1 in 2500 but they were the results of a 40 years old woman as they are more at risk of downs babies,when i went to the hospital a couple of days later the dr said to me that the chance of my baby being a mongo (his words) were very high and that i should get rid of it (again his words),i said no way would i do that and weather he was disabled or perfectly healthy its my baby and im having it.

My pregnancy was a bit of a nightmare near the end with all the early labour starting and stopping then on the 8 of August 2002 my baby Andrew came into the world at 12.25pm born a healthy 7lb 13oz he was just the most perfect baby i had ever seen and it was then i was told he was perfect no Down Syndrome.

We go him home 2 days later where he was a happy baby never cried but did start to lose weight fast then at 8 weeks every thing changed Andrew had his first fit and had Reflux he was taking in to hospital and keep in for a week for tests,at the end of the week we were told the fit was caused by the reflux and the tempature he had and were givin Gavascon to add to his milk.

For the next couple of years Andrew kept being sick and having the fits we were in the hospital more than we were home but they just kept saying the same thing over and over again,then we started noticing he wasnt sitting at the right time and my mum had noticed the
back of his head being flat,then we noticed no crawling or words we were getting concerned so we were referred to the Acamore Center(for children needing assesed) where the doctor assessed Andrew and referred him to Yorkhill Sick Kids Hospital for Genetics testing,we waited about 2 months for the results which came back 1 week before his second birthday,where we were told it was Angelman Syndrome,cant really remember much about that time as it all seems a bit blurry with the shock.

Then came all the test and appointments with the hospital where every thing became a bit more clear and he started getting seen at the Acamore Center for physios OTs speech and educational therapists and a dr which he saw every month and at Yokrhill by eye drs ENT drs and epilepsy drs.

Now were 3 years down the line and my boys is just perfect hes still the perfect little baby i had just that he now has Angelman Syndrome and we wouldnt change him for the world dont get me wrong he can be a handful at times but hes my boy and iv been blessed to have him in my life hes taught us alot and iv growing up so much knowing i have this special little boy that needs alot of care and attention,and thats what hes going to get from all of the family.

We all love our little Angel Andrew with all our hearts xxxxxxx

Friday, August 8, 2008

We went to blackpool

My mummy is so silly she was meant to come on here and add pic of me and my angel friend Alastair we meet in Blackppol back in JUne but we all know what mummys are like,very forget full well mines is,silly mummy hehehehe

well iv added the pics hope u all like them xxxxxx

Happy Birthday to Andrew

Today is Andrews birthday he is a big 6 ,yes 6 how old is he getting im scared im losing my little baby,but i know he will always be my baby,just wanting to say happy birthday baby love you loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

we went swimming today

Hiya everyone not posted in a while,but today we took Andrew swimming the first time in about a year,he usually hates the local pool as its to cold,he goes swimming in school about 3 times a week,well anyway today we were in the pool and Andrew has his little arm bands on and he was swimming all by himself he was sooooo cute just floating about laughing,then i put a wee rubber ring on and he was off,hes just so so so cute swimming about laughing kicking his feet,he just loved it he made me very very very proud to be his mummy even more prouder (prob not a word,lol) than ever,when the waves came on he loved it all the water splashing against him he was laughing so hard,i love my little angel so so much,i never knew it was possible to love anyone this much but it is and everyday my love just grows for him,i just love him millions,im very very proud.

Love Catrina xxxx

Sunday, April 13, 2008

me and my wheelchair

Mummy has added a montage of pics of me in my whhelchair,i hope you enjoy it.


Oh and P.S Alastair you better beware im fast cannot wait to race you,vroom vroom xxxxxxxxx